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Mineral Rich Detox-REFILL ONLY

Mineral Rich Detox-REFILL ONLY

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Directions:  start with a small scoop, gradually build levels- add a scoop to a warm/hot bath, relax for 20-30 min or more.  Use caution when getting in and out(the oils can cause the tub to be slippery).

Infuse your skin with a full spectrum of over 80+ trace bio-available minerals & high amounts of antioxidants. We have a unique blend of what we believe is a super-concentrated-detoxing, mineral rich powder.  Baobab in itself is high in VIT C(16 times the amount of vit c than an orange). Baobab is also super rich in bio-available minerals. Vit C plays a critical role in the collagen production as well as many other benefits.  Baking Soda will neutralize the chlorine in the water. Bentonite clay in itself is super rich in minerals and is known to bind to heavy metals.  Magnesium.  Enough said.  Epsom Salt. Truly- in the form of magnesium sulfate- known for its detoxing effects and basic magnesium boost. 

Choose to reduce stress, boost magnesium levels, remove toxin build up and soothe your skin with the amazing skin benefits Argan and Jojoba oil has to offer.  

Toxic overload is such a problem in the world we live in today.  Our skin is our bodies pathway for shedding toxins.  Our Mineral Rich clay-like powder is reduced to a fine super concentrated bucket to provide the detox we all need.  

*** during any type of detox, I encourage you to boost your water intake to help with the symptoms of detox. ***

Wanting to shed some pounds?  We suggest shedding toxins and clearing pathways.

a dry brush is also encouraged for detox, I personally love to dry brush prior to soaking in a mineral rich bath.

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